Link of the Day: Make it Right Project

Make it Right Project

From CNN:

Pitt announced in September that he was partnering with film producer Steve Bing to build “affordable and sustainable homes” in the Lower 9th Ward, an area of the city that Hurricane Katrina devastated in 2005. Pitt and Bing have also each pledged $5 million to the rebuilding project.

The 150 eco-friendly homes mark the first initiative of Pitt’s “Make it Right” project, aimed at redeveloping the Lower 9th Ward.

View summary of designs at Jetson Green

My fave:
MIR Project: Concordia

If your house is actually below sea level, it makes sense to have your place on some serious stilts.

Least fave:
MIR Project: MVRDV

Photos from the Lower 9th Ward during Pete and my visit in 2006.

Lower 9th Ward 2006

Lower 9th Ward 2006

Lower 9th Ward 2006

Lower 9th Ward 2006