AIDG finishes dry composting latrine in Cap Haitien, Haiti with community partners SOIL and AFAPA

dry composting latrine, finished and painted
Finished and painted: AIDG/SOIL/AFAPA dry composting latrine in Petite Anse neighborhood of Cap Haitien, Haiti

The rains that accompanied Hurricane Noel last month made for unpleasant walking for Petite-Anse’s residents. Mud on unpaved streets churned and mixed with litter and raw sewage in this neighborhood of Cap Haitien in Northern Haiti.

As the waters subsided, however, a local community group AFAPA (Asosyasyon Fanm Aktif Petit Anse) banded together with AIDG and its local partner SOIL/SOL to construct a community dry composting latrine. In an area prone to flooding, this type of latrine can significantly reduce contamination of drinking water.

The public toilets are located in the rear of the public market in Petite-Anse where hundreds of women work each day selling produce and other goods. There, it serves 300 people. Prior to this project, the only available toilet in the area was a rundown latrine that was nearly full, difficult to access and surrounded by garbage.

Google Earth overview of Cap Haitien
Google Earth overview of Cap Haitien

The residents of Petite-Anse helping carry cinderblock to the project site

The residents of Petite-Anse transporting some of the cement for the project
The residents of Petite-Anse help transport some of the materials for the project.

dry composting latrine

dry composting latrine

Women of AFAPA help transport some of the materials for the project.
Women of AFAPA help transport some of the materials for the project. There was 100% participation from the women in the group.

AFAPA chose to charge people from the market a small fee to use the toilet (5 Gourdes = ~12 cents US). The money is used to pay someone to manage the latrines and to buy toilet paper and cleaning supplies. The toilet was opened to the public on December 17 and remains in excellent shape.