Live like the Elves in Lothlorien? [Video]


Anyone who has been reading this blog long enough will have noticed that I looooove sci-fi/fantasy. So when I saw this video about Terreform’s grow your treehouse idea, I was tickled pink. Integrating living elements in your building design? That’s so like the elves in Lord of the Rings.

Duration: 4 min 54sec

From Inhabitat:

In order to build the arboreal frame, the designers utilize “pleaching” – a gardening technique in which tree branches are woven together to form living archways. Trees such as Elm, Live Oak and Dogwood bear the heavier loads, while vines, branches and plants form a lattice for the walls and roof of the house. The interior structure is made of cob (clay and straw), a tried and true green building approach, that lends itself to customized shaping of walls and ceilings.

The trees that form the frame and the plants that grow on the external walls are meant to provide sustenance for the inhabitants and other living creatures who interact with the structure. On this level, the designers aim to demonstrate that natural building materials, when utilized in their living state, can create a “superstructure” that is biologically pure and contains no unknown substances. They point out that new building materials, even those that champion sustainability, are nevertheless industrially manufactured and contain components that are not fully understood in terms of their longterm impact.

Terreform Fab Tree Hab

Terreform (not sure why the designs on their front page look like something out of War of the Worlds, but there you are.)
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