Product Demos at AIDG Guatemala

In a follow-up from this post, Katie Bliss, one of our awesome interns, sent me this email the other day about stove demos at AIDG Guatemala. Several of the women from La Florida came to AIDG to test out the two stoves on the roof to decide which design would be best for their community kitchen.

Juana Testing
Photo from a separate demo date. Liakos and Juana putting the rocket stove to the test.

From Katie:

It was great! We cooked some beans and made tea and coffee. They cut the wood and fed the two combustion chambers to get a good feel for it. They thought it was more work to maintain the fire, but were impressed by how little wood it consumed. Seeing as they have to carry the wood every day, have problems keeping it dry and are trying to maintain their beautiful lush surroundings for their children, they decided to go with the rocket combustion chamber over the Mynor, which is marvelous!

The idea is that we are going to install it the community building where they all cook on occasions. We’ll also hold a workshop in which we invite all the women to come along, talk about the design and why it is the way it is and give them all a chance to use it. This will mean we involve all the community, provide promotions for XT and get feedback on our design. When Beau has his cheaper rocket stove ready, they are also keen to try it out. Since the community is a new co-operative, many are living in temporary housing and are keen on a portable design.

The community is very cool indeed! They are one of the workers co-operatives that are growing around here. They are very interested in collaborating with us, and have lots of really great ideas. We are also hoping to install a prototype biodigestor at their community pig farm and possibly do a refurb on their hydro system depending on if we can get our hands on the funding.