Get your very own XO-1 laptop, give one to a child in need

For two weeks and 2 weeks only (sigh!), you can participate in the OLPC Give One, Get One program. For $399 (+ 24.95 shipping and handling) you can get one of the XO-1s for yourself and donate a second one to a child in a developing nation. $200 of your purchase is tax-deductible. As if those warm and fuzzies aren’t enough, US buyers also get a year’s free access at T-Mobile hot-spots. You can make everyone jealous at Starbucks with your uber-cute doohickey.

XO-1, isn't she lovely
Isn’t she lovely?

Masi Oka, or Hiro Nakamura for you Heroes fans, makes his pitch.

Duration: 30sec

I bought one Monday as a Christmas present for someone special and have been feeling gift envy ever since.


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