California Oil Spill in Pictures [Flickr]

Some Flickr photos of the San Francisco Oil Spill.

Oil Spill Sign
Oil Spill Sign by lisascenic

On Wednesday, a container ship ran into the Oakland-San Francisco Bay Bridge, tore a hole in its hull, and spilled 58,000 gallons of fuel oil into the San Francisco Bay.

Cosco Busan damage
Cosco Busan damage by fetching

San Francisco oil spill (Berkeley)

San Francisco oil spill (Berkeley) by Tim Fogarty

Oil Spill - San Francisco
Oil Spill – San Francisco by johnsrusso

Recuperating at Marin Wildcare
Recuperating at Marin Wildcare by gcquinn

Bio-Barrier by Sammy68

Oil splotches on hair mat
Oil splotches on hair mat by shmooth

Cleaning a oil soaked bird at a wildlife care facility
Christine Mix and Kelly Purdom clean a oil soaked bird at a wildlife care facility in Fairfield, Ca.
by fetching

Loon, victim of oil spill
Loon, victim of oil spill, getting ready for transport to IBRRC, 11.11.07
by Trish Carney

Crissy Field temporarily turned into a heliport
On scene at the Oil spill by gcquinn

Crissy Field turned into a heliport this afternoon. Still it seemed to me the hard work would be done bird by bird, fish by fish in the lowest tech way.