Around the World on Sunny Days: Solartaxi Tour [Video]


Louis Palmer is taking his Solartaxi on a promotional tour around the world to show that “sustainable technologies are perfectly suited for everyday use”.

Currently the crew is in India.

Duration: 1 min 56 sec

Meeting Nobel Prize Winner, Dr Rajendra K. Pachauri of the IPCC, who is being very diplomatic.

Duration: 2min 10 sec

Interesting fact from this video: The Taj Majal is an emissions free area.

From Citizendium

Polution from small scale industry and an oil refinery 40 km north of Agra threatened to discolour the marble and weaken the sandstone of the complex and provoked the establishment of the ‘Taj Trapezium’ in 1982 to restrict such activities within an area of approximately 50 km radius around Agra. In the same year the complex was awarded UNSECO world heritage status. Criticism has been made that although the Taj Mahal and Agra Fort both enjoy this status, the contextual surroundings of the Agra waterfront and its traditions of residential and pleasure gardens remain unprotected. The case for conservation sits in opposition to the interests of those trying to improve Agra’s economic activity, who naturally see the restrictions imposed by the UNESCO heritage status as limiting. In 1984 an emissions-free green belt was established around the complex because the Taj Trapezium measures had proved ineffective. In 1996, after a supreme court ruling, further measures were taken to reduce pollution, including the banning of polluting vehicles within 500 m and iron foundries in the wider vicinity.

But I digress.

Solar Taxi

Photo by Flickr user Mike from Zurich

Solar Panel for Solartaxi

Photo by Flickr user Mike from Zurich

Parking is perhaps a problem.

Other videos:
Production of Solar Taxi (nice camera work/editing/music)
Path of the World Tour (It totally misses Boston! Harumph.)

via Club of Pioneers