World Challenge 2007 – Vote for the Winner

The (BBC/Newsweek/Shell) World Challenge is going on again. Vote for your favorite project here.


  1. Steaming Ahead – Indonesia
    The Masarang Palm Sugar Factory uses waste steam from a local geothermal power plant for its operations to create a high quality product and to spare about 200,000 square metres of forest.
  2. Cooking without Gas -Nepal
    The Foundation for Sustainable Technologies develops ow-cost, high-efficiency energy technologies for Nepal’s rural and urban poor, including “solar cookers and briquette presses to make smokeless fuel from waste materials”.
  3. S.O.S. Save our Seaweed – Brazil
  4. Top of the Crops – Afghanistan
    Arghand – A fair trade initiative that gives farmers a more lucrative option than growing opium.
  5. Limbs from Leftovers – Nepal
    MEND employs recycled materials such as aluminum and plastics to create “a range of artificial limbs, tools and other mobility devices that would be within the price range of even the poorest Nepalese”.
  6. Half Price Hygiene – Uganda
  7. Herbal Healing – Vietnam
  8. High Sweet Fashion – Mexico
  9. School for Success – Haiti
  10. Peace Woods – Colombia
  11. Potato Goldmine – Peru
  12. Out of the Forest – Brazil

The competition is all about rewarding individuals or groups that truly make a difference through enterprise and innovation at a grass roots level.

The winner will receive a US$20,000 award from Shell to benefit their project, while two runners-up will each receive $10,000.