IDDS 2007 Part III: A List of Projects

This is my penultimate IDDS post (still working through the backlog). Here is a list of the different projects that the teams engaged in.

  • Water Purification Pack. Think SODIS bag in backpack form.

    [It’s] a transparent plastic backpack, which uses heat and ultraviolet rays from the sun to disinfect the water inside. [Boston Globe]

    Water Purification Pack

    Water Purification Pack
    PCH models one of the prototypes

    Designed with Tanzanian women in mind.

    Team:Clarel Jerome (Haiti, carpenter), Ismat Lotia (Pakistan, researcher), Bernard Kiwia (Tanzania, mechanic and electrician), Mohamed Mashaal (UK, engineer)

  • Biolight: microbial fuel cells – power from dirt

    The Biolight prototype was based on the premise that microbes that live naturally in materials such as soil or manure produce electrons that flow as current, and have the potential to become an alternative source of energy.[Boston Globe]

    Team: Deepa Dubey (India, architect& industrial design student ), Amit Gandhi (CalTech, mechanical engineer), Sham Tembo (Zambia, electrical engineer), Jessica Vechakul (MIT, engineer), Jesse Austin-Breneman (MIT, mechanical engineer), Dennis Nagle (mentor)

  • Chill Out: Off-grid refrigeration.

    A low-cost, portable, non-electric food preservation/cooling unit.

    Portable Cooler

    Portable Cooler

    Designed with communities in Tibet/Ghana in mind.

    Team: Crossman Mathias Hormenoo (Ghana, design and manufacturing), San Mu Cao Ji (Tibet), Jeffrey Gluckstein (Olin College, engineering student), Ashley Thomas (U.S., engineer)

  • Sheba: Low-cost, modular water filtration unit
    Team: Zubaida Bai (India, technological & business advisor), Sumit Pahwa, Renqingka (Tibet), Ankit Sharma (India, engineer), Aran Sharma (Canada, electrical engineer)
  • Recycled materials greenhouse: Inexpensive Greenhouses for all
    Team: Alistair Cook (UK, civil engineering student), Juliana Poco Ramos (Brazil, industrial engineering student), Fernanda Maluly Kemeid (Brazil, civil engineering student), Emmanuel Matsika (Zambia, engineer)
  • High Efficiency Cook Stove

    Team: Laura Meneses (Costa Rica), Carlos Enrique Marroquin Machan (Guatemala, Mayapedal), Gina Maria Balcarcel Barahona (Guatemala, product designer) [I’m missing the names of some of the group members]

  • Petal Powered Hammer Mill: Grinding grains into flour faster and more ergonomically
    Team: Omar Crespo (Guatemala, industrial design), Jeff Kranski (US), Lhamotso (Tibet), Laura Stupin (US)
  • Nano-UHF: Health Tracking System
    Team: Saira Khowaja (U.S./Pakistan), Eddy Mintela (DRC, computer science students) Shahbano Tirmizi (Pakistan, international development)

Update: There were two more teams and I’m trying to track down their info. One was working on biogas slurry separation, the other on low-cost water testing.

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