Haitian/Dominican Human Rights Advocate Sonia Pierre in NYTimes

Sonia Pierre winning RFK Memorial Human Rights Award
Sonia Pierre winning RFK Memorial Human Rights Award
More pics from the Award Ceremony

THE SATURDAY PROFILE; A Rights Advocate’s Work Divides Dominicans NYTimes

WHEN Sonia Pierre won an international human rights award last fall, there were two diametrically opposite reactions here: “Way to go!” and “Oh, no!”

Ms. Pierre is the Dominican Republic’s most polarizing human rights advocate, a dark-skinned woman who says she can only dream of a country in which her color — and the skin tone of hundreds of thousands of other Dominicans like her who are of Haitian descent — is a non-issue.

The Sugar Babies

A feature-length documentary film about human trafficking from Haiti into the Dominican Republic. The film reveals the complicity between the government of the Dominican Republic and the sugar industry in exploiting Haitian immigrants.