Extreme Rich Poor Divides [Photos]

When you think about the divide between the rich and poor, your first thought might be the differences in living standards between people in developed vs. developing countries. You may not jump to think about the differences within a single country or even a single city. This blog post from Deputy Dog shows several striking examples of this in Sao Paolo, Brazil; Caracas, Venezuela and Mumbai, India

paraisópolis favela, morumbi, sao paulo
Paraisópolis Favela, Morumbi, Sao Paulo

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Here is an example, though not as stark, in Cap Haitien, Haiti. Labadie Beach is roughly 3.5 milies away from the Shada neighborhood.

Labadie Beach

Labadie Beach, Photo by Flickr user bryanbope

Pay Toilet, Shada neighborhood
Pay Toilet, Shada neighborhood

Google Earth, Labadie Beach
Labadie Beach [Google Earth]

Google Earth, Shada neighborhood
Shada neighborhood [Google Earth]