International Development Design Summit in the News

New York Times: Low Technologies, High Aims

Andrew Revkin who often writes on climate change and the environment for the Times covered the conference.

The workshop was developed over the last year by [Amy Smith, Dr. Kenneth Pickar] and others after a meeting to discuss a “design revolution” — a shift in focus among companies, universities, investors and scientists toward attacking problems that hamper development in the world’s poorest places.

“Nearly 90 percent of research and development dollars are spent on creating technologies that serve the wealthiest 10 percent of the world’s population,” Ms. Smith said. “The point of the design revolution is to switch that.”

She added: “There are several different places where that revolution has to take place. We started thinking, ‘How do we train engineers so they might start thinking of this as a field of engineering they’d want to pursue?’ ”

Boston Globe: Fast, cheap, and in control

World Changing: South-South Design Flourishes at MIT Summit

IDDS put forth incredibly basic design criteria. Teams were required to create innovations to serve a clear development need, to use locally available materials and to do so at a low cost. Students were not asked to create business models for their inventions, but simply to use the four-week period to create working prototypes and demonstrate proof of concept. Nearly all of the end-products offered fresh takes on old problems

Treehugger: International Development Design Summit: Design to Save the World

Good Magazine: The Nov/Dec 2007 Issue of Good Magazine just came in the mail and they did a huge spread on the D-Lab: “Low Tech Laboratory”. They haven’t updated their site yet, but I’ll post the link when it’s up.

Practical, Actionable Innovation Swarms MIT Design Gathering
from Popular Mechanics Blog

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International Development Design Summit in the News