The World Bank has its own Channel…

… on YouTube. I’ve got to say that the Bank has been pretty smooth in its embracing of web 2.0 with blogs, google mashups and now this. They also seem to know what not to do: world bank of myspace or twitter would feel a bit forced.

A few videos:

Duration: 1:59

1.7 billion people worldwide live without electricity. 500 million of those live in sub-Saharan Africa. A new WB group initiative plans to change that. The aim is to benefit 250 million people in sub-Saharan Africa by 2015.

Duration: 2:30

It’s a simple act — putting a woman’s name on a land title. But it’s also a powerful act — and can offer women a way out of poverty.

In rural Vietnam, where 80% of the population live, women have been at a disadvantage because most land titles have traditionally been held by men.

But with World Bank help, some 35,000 new joint land titles were issued in just two years….with spaces for two names, both husband and wife.