Mayan Territory []

For those of you who couldn’t bear to download a 285MB avi, here is a version of Victoria Tai’s film Mayan Territory on

The piece focuses on innovative indigenous projects in Guatemala, Belize and Mexico and features AIDG, our friends at Mayapedal and Comunidad Nueva Alianza as well as several other inspiring community organizations.

“Mayan Territory” is a documentary that is beautifully filmed in over 15 rural and urban locations in Guatemala, Belize and Southern Mexico, a region that is known for both its conflicting poverty from civil war, as well as the crucible of the Mayan civilization. From their own voices, this film examines how technology and ideas have impacted the individual lives of villagers and volunteers alike, and shares my learning experience by portraying villages as I see them: with dignity, focusing on their culture and showing ideas that have risen from their own people to empower them.

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