PaperCrete Fun

Anne Romeo papercrete

As AIDG grows in general, the intern program recently exploded. We’ve received a large volume of intern applications, and recently our intern population has grown to 9. We generally anticipate an intern or two to decline our offer or not be able to come at the last minute. Not this time! We’ve got a full house. Actually, our house is so full we’re making it bigger. On second level of the intern house, we’re experimenting with different ecological materials. The hope is that some of our experiments are wildly successful, cheap, and easily reproducible. In these two pictures are Interns Alissa Johnson and Anne Romeo making papercrete. Basically, they use shredded recycled paper as aggregate in a cement mix. It makes for lightweight concrete. The papercrete was poured into molds in the shape of a 3 foot by 3 foot panel for one of the walls of on the second level. It came out of the mold OK, and so far has held up pretty well…Time will tell!

Alissa papercrete