10 Most Polluted Places

U.S.-based environmental group Blacksmith Institute gives iits list of the 10 most polluted places in the world.

  • Chernobyl, Ukraine

    Chernobyl, Russia

    Type of Pollutant: Radiation

  • Dzerzhinsk, Russia
    Type of Pollutant: Chemicals and toxic byproducts, including sarin and VX gas
  • Kabwe, Zambia
    Kabwe, Zambia

    Type of Pollutant: Lead and cadmium

  • Linfen, China
    Type of Pollutant:Coal and particulates
  • Norilsk, Russia
    Norilsk, Russia

    Type of Pollutant: Air pollution — particulates, sulfur dioxide, heavy metals, phenols

  • La Oroya, Peru
    Type of Pollutant: Lead, copper, zinc and sulfur dioxide
  • Sukinda, India
    Type of Pollutant: Hexavalent chromium and other metals
  • Sumgayit, Azerbaijan
    Sumgayit, Azerbaijan

    Type of Pollutant: Organic chemicals, oil and heavy metals

  • Tianying, China
    Type of Pollutant: Lead and other heavy metals
  • Vapi, India
    Type of Pollutant: Chemicals and heavy metals

See the rest of the photos plus more info from this Time Magazine slideshow

How did they pick? Here is how they describe their selection process on their site:

World’s Worst Polluted Places is very similar to the one used last year and is intended to be logical, practical and robust. The starting point was the full database of sites nominated for Blacksmith consideration. Blacksmith staff initially screened the nominations in order to identify sites with clearly documented problems. These were then reviewed in greater detail to produce a long list of sites to be reviewed by the TAB. About half of the long list has been flagged as the most serious contenders for the Top Ten. However, any nominated site may be proposed as a contender for the Top Ten by any TAB member, based on his or her individual review.

The nomination and selection process has been refined for 2007, following a day-long TAB conference. It still remains heavily dependant on the experience and professional judgment of TAB members.

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