Stoves at Nueva Alianza

Nueva Alianza Stove

This week I went to the community Nueva Alianza to follow up on their stoves that were built during the Weston High School TecoTour. It is necessary to have them cure for 40 days before they can begin to be used, and it’s been about 40 days. So we went out to the community to talk with the women, and put on the finishing touch, a door (in the photo a board is holding the door in place until the cement cures). In the photo is outreach intern Katie Bliss (left front), Audit Lopez, the happy new owner of an improved stove (middle) and Ana (a long term stove volunteer in Xela who has taken a liking to the community).

As a general update to readers of the blog, we hope to continue building stoves in Nueva Alianza with passing tour groups that visit the community that can fund their construction. Also, we hope to continue modifying the stoves to find the difficult balance between usability and efficiency. The stove design we currently are installing are not the most efficient stoves by any means, but are greatly desired, and do a great job of keeping smoke out of the kitchen, and children from getting burned. Finally, we’re still testing efficiencies of several stoves that were built by the intern Elena Krieger this last summer.