Alex and a Chop Saw

Alexandra Surasky-Ysasi and our new Chop Saw

I’m happy to welcome both Alex and a new chop saw to the Guatemala scene. They both arrived at the same time, and Alex and the chop saw get along quite well… Really, Alex was quite excited about it (hence the picture). As I speak she’s cutting away, making some modifications to our tool organization and workbench. We’re all quite pleased with Alex’s friendliness and willingness to quickly roll up her sleeves and jump right in to the thick of things. Alex will be primarily working on the hydro-electric project, focusing on Pelton cup/wheel optimization and then developing a method to foundry cast them. Lucky for us, Alex will be sticking around till next spring!

Here’s some more on Alex:
Alexandra Surasky-Ysasi (Brown University, Mechanical Engineering)
Alex recently completed her bachelor’s degree at Brown in mechanical engineering, with a focus in energy conversion, fluids and thermal systems. She has investigated options for a powder feeder system along with analyzing the performance of heat exchangers at a steel plant in Mexico, and designed an array of thermal sensors for use in the field of combinatorial chemistry at the Milwaukee School of Engineering. Through Engineers Without Borders, Alex coordinated a semester-long group research project to create a performance model of solar energy-powered water heating systems designed for use in Afghanistan or Tajikistan. Her interest is in the creation and application of sustainable technologies to be implemented in developing countries, with a particular interest in Latin America both from an engineering and social perspective.