Quick Haiti Update (9/6/07)

Pete landed safe and sound in Cap Haitien Tuesday afternoon and met up with Sarah B. He says that much has changed for the better in Cap and that the mayor has made much progress in improving the city since our visit last August. There is still a very long way to go, but you know “the longest journey begins with the first step” and all that. Because of the desperate lack of government funds, the mayor’s office is very responsive to NGOs who want to help out in the area. We’re really excited about the existing political will and are very hopeful for what we will be able to accomplish there.

In other news, the Cuban government financed a switch to compact fluorescents in Cap Haitien and got the help of the Haitian Boy scouts to enact the plan. This is great news as the electric grid in Cap was incredibly overloaded. There were 3-4 blackouts a day when we were there.

For more news, watch this space. 🙂