Felix Doesn't Hit Xela

Xela Weather

We’re lucky here in Xela that it appears that we’ll be spared by torrential rains caused by the once Category 5 Hurricane Felix. We’re just having our typical rainy-season weather, as seen above. As I blogged 2 days ago, then-Hurricane Felix was predicted to hit this region hard. However, lucky for us the storm passed south of Guatemala. Sadly, the storm killed many–an AFP report just released (see below) noted that a total of 71 people have been killed by the storm in Nicaragua and Honduras.

Here is the web address and a few lines to an article about the 2 hurricanes that hit the same day…
Central America on flooding alert after storms (AFP)

BILWI, Nicaragua (AFP) – Nicaragua, Honduras and Mexico geared up for flooding from rain-swollen rivers Thursday in the wake of two devastating hurricanes that left at least 80 victims dead and scores more missing.

Nicaragua and Honduras in a joint death toll Thursday, said that Hurricane Felix killed at least 71 people in their two countries.