Recycling Pilot Program

Recycling Map

I was recently asked by some local community organizers here in Xela to assist with a recycling pilot-program. Currently there is no municipal recycling system at all. The idea is to start out easy–and just get a truck to go around once a week and pick up recyclables at Spanish Schools. Students at a few of the many (40+) Spanish schools will a nominal weekly fee (about a dollar) to help pay for the cost of the pick-up service. The idea sprung from the constant complaint from foreigners and a local businessman that there is no recycling system in place. There are small private recyclers of paper and metals that buy the material. There are also local farmers who are interested in utilizing organics (to make compost). It is hoped that the idea will spread, and that eventually the local municipality will get involved. Above is a map that was generated using our Google Earth project. A route will soon be developed, and contingent on a few factors, the pilot program should start soon.