Intern Anne Romeo Arrives

Anne Romeo

Anne Romeo has arrived from Jolly England (although she’s originally from france) to work on our Hummingbird Circuits. An electrical engineer, Anne will help XelaTeco in their ability to fabricate low-cost circuits for their hydroelectric system installations.
Anne heard about us when she took the D-Lab at MIT when she was studying abroad in exchange program from Cambridge for a year. Here’s a bit on Anne:

Anne Romeo (Cambridge University, Masters in Electrical and Information Engineering)
Anne just graduated from Cambridge with a Masters in Electrical and Information Engineering, having spent one year of her studies in MIT as part of a student exchange where she helped design a treadle-powered peanut oil press. She was a very active member of Engineers Without Borders in Cambridge, UK, having assisted to and organised a number of training courses in Engineering for Sustainable Development and the use of Appropriate Technology. She now wants to feed her passion for sustainable development by gaining more field experience using her degree volunteering in international development and plans to pursue a career in the vast field of Energy. She loves travelling, learning about different cultures, hiking and rugby.