The Most Pun-tastic Blog Post Titles # 2

I do love a good pun, especially environmental/international development ones.

Gorilla warfare from FP Passport
Baby Gorilla

Aircraft and the environment: Clean green flying machine? from the Economist

Share and share a bike from Gristmill

Poison Me Elmo from Gristmill
Ref: Tickle Me Elmo, an example of why pullstrings on the back of toys are a bad idea.

These boots are made for electricity from CNET News
Ref: Nancy Sinatra’s timeless hit, “These Boots Were Made for Walking”

Graze Anatomy: Using Aversion Therapy on Sheep from Treehugger
Ref: “Grey’s Anatomy”, a hospital drama with a lot of soulful looks and mumbling. Sandro Oh is the best part.

House them or lose them from PSD Blog

Here Comes the Rain Again: Massive Damage as Rhine Floods from Der Spiegel
Ref: “Here Comes the Rain Again”, the other great Eurhythmics song

A Movable Beast: Asian Pythons Thrive in Florida from NYTimes
Ref: Sadly I had to look it up because I didn’t know, a set of memoirs by Ernest Hemingway

Most groan worthy:
Optimus Subprime transforms, threatens U.S. economy from FP Passport
Ref: Optimus Prime, the most awesomest Transformer EVAR. La la la … Autobots wage their battle to destroy the evil forces of the Decepticons … La la la

Dread Pirate Roberts? from Good Magazine
Ref: Princess Bride. Andre the Giant, we miss you dearly.

The Ampere Strikes Back from Treehugger
Ref: “Empire Strikes Back”, the best of all the Star Wars movies. This is a bit groanworthy, but using ampere is a pun is no mean feat.

Hmm, there is a trend here. Are bloggers are children of the eighties.