Mayan Territory [Movie]

Victoria Tai of MIT just finished her short film about “how North Americans can fit into developing world projects and make an impact”. The piece focuses on innovative indigenous projects in Guatemala, Belize and Mexico and features AIDG, our friends at Mayapedal and Comunidad Nueva Alianza as well as several other inspiring community organizations.

Right-click and Save link as: (295MB) [Updated Link]

Here is a request from Victoria:

Since there isn’t enough bandwidth for everyone to watch it directly, PLEASE DO THE FOLLOWING: Right-click on the link and save the link to your personal computer. Watch it on the desktop and not on the browser, please. You’re welcome to send it to friends if they download it, and I am told that I can have it online for a month. Later, I plan to license it to North American television stations in high-definition version, which looks really wonderful on a large flat-screen TV. Since this filming I have been in Asia for preliminary site investigation and will soon go to Peru and Bolivia to do the same.

She’s very interested in feedback so you can email her at viarota [at} gmail {dot]com.

Some great pictures taken during the shoot:

Don Prudencio and Co at the Finca.

Sound check



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