Welding Class 101 for Making Anemometers

Corrina Welding1

What is an Anemometer anyway? According to Wikipedia, “An anemometer is a device for measuring the velocity or the pressure of the wind, and is one instrument used in a weather station. The term is derived from the Greek word, anemos, meaning wind.”

We’re building anemometers out of locally available materials such that we can determine where good locations are for windmills. The windmills, in turn, are currently being prototyped by a team of engineers in San Francisco who volunteer with Engineers Without Borders. It’s a longer-term project, but we’ve got a great team of interns working on it. Nick Bianchi, who left early this month, went out with Kristen Radecsky to install our first anemometer at a rural farm in a windy area. The farm is a demonstration site of a local organization ECAO, and has several agricultural projects currently, the windmill is monitored by the farm managers. Now Corrina Grace, a capable Australian engineer, is taking on the project. Pictured above, is Corrina learning how to wield an oxy-acetylene torch with Don Prudencio next door at XelaTeco.

corrina welding4