The First TecoTour, and The Greenhouse One Year Later

Greenhouse and Tomatoes at La Guarderia

About this time last year, we initiated our TecoTour program by bringing a group of AIDG Interns and Friends on a ‘mock’ tour. We built a greenhouse, and visited the organic-coffee growing Community of La Florida. While visiting the Guarderia this week to check up on the solar hot water system, I also peeked into the greenhouse, as it’s at the same site. In our first TecoTour, we helped build the bulk of a greenhouse, using simple plastic sheeting, some tubing, and wire, affixed to a simple concrete block foundation. Now the greenhouse is managed by the Guarderia staff to grow tomatoes, to sell in the market as a fundraiser to help keep their operations running. The photo below is of the TecoTour I participants at a waterfall in the community of La Florida (Near the Guatemalan western coast and the border of Mexico). We hope to continue projects with La Florida, and we are in communication with them regarding a possible weekend mini-TecoTour install of an improved stove for their school. Currently, the children’s lunches at school are cooked on an open fire. The community is excited by the prospect of having an improved stove to reduce the indoor smoke and reduce firewood consumption.

TecoTour 06 -  Waterfall at La Florida