Solar Hot Water and the Guarderia

SHWkids at guarderia playing

Today I visited the Guarderia in Llanos de Pinal, where we previously installed a solar hot water system. I am delighted to report that the system is a hit and functioning properly. The kids love it. According to Lidia, who manages the Guarderia, 6 kids can have a nice hot shower on a typical day. Pictured here are two photos I took yesterday. Here’s some background on the project that I wrote about March 31st.

“In the community of Llanos is an outstanding community organization and project locally referred to as The Guarderia, funded jointly by two organizations–one US-based, Jovenes Juntos and the other Xela-based, Pop-Wuj. The project provides day care for toddlers, and after-school homework assistance for a total of 42 children. AIDG was asked to build a water tower and solar hot water system, because there is both a lack of reliable water, and the cold climate presents a health hazard as the children refuse to shower in cold water. Water towers are not in the scope of AIDG’s outreach projects, but Jovenes Juntos was able to raise funds for the project, an AIDG intern (civil engineer, Kelli Horner) designed the tower, and I found a contractor and organized a few volunteers to build the water tower structure.”

SHWkids at guarderia