Giant Legos, Rubber Duckies and Other Flotsam in our Polluted Oceans

Giant Lego Man found in Ocean
Giant Lego Man Washes Ashore (Photo Source: Reuters)

The world’s oceans are oh so polluted. Aside from the occasional giant Lego, flotilla of rubber duckies, cholera inducing bilge or oil spill, the waters of our poor oceans are filled with inordinate amounts of trash and other unsavories. Much of this, unfortunately, is plastic.

Instead of bio-degrading gracefully, plastic tends to crumple into variegated confetti, fooling many an animal into thinking that it’s food.

According to the WWF, “[h]igh concentrations of plastic material, particularly plastic bags [emphasis added], have been found blocking the breathing passages and stomachs of many marine species, including whales, dolphins, seals, puffins, and turtles.”

I said before and I’ll say it again, tote bags are hot. What a wonderful alternative to plastic bags. 😉

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