The Daily Commute: Carpooling and Biking

Thanks to this post on Treehugger, I finally signed up for GoLoco. GoLoco is a social network carpooling service. Must everything have a social networking bent these days, you ask? This one makes sense. Two of the big barriers to car-pooling are 1) not having anyone you know in your vicinity leaving and coming home at the same time as you and 2) an unwillingness to travel with strangers who might be weirdos. With GoLoco, you can get a ride with that nice friend of a friend you didn’t know lived down the street.

You can sign up through your Facebook account. Very swish.

For folks who are more into commuting by bike (you crazy rebels, you), check out the aptly named Thanks Tim G. for the headsup.

For an international view of the potential bike/people friendly future for cities like NYC, see this interview with Enrique Peñalosa, the former mayor of Bogota, Columbia Colombia produced by Streetfilms.

Peñalosa changed the way Bogota treated its non-driving citizens by restricting automobile use and instituting a bus rapid transit system which now carries a 1/2 million residents daily. Among other improvements: he widened and rebuilt sidewalks, created grand public spaces, and implemented over one hundred miles of bicycle paths.