Another Hydroelectric Project for XelaTeco


XelaTeco was contracted by the community of La Fe (The Faith) to refurbish their defunct hydroelectric system. La Fe is located in La Reforma San Marcos, which is about a 2.5 hour drive west from Xela. Pictured above is Cándido Ichel and Julio Ordonez working on the incredibly heavy flywheel.

The 48 kW system, is being refurbished for a community of approximately 115 families. XelaTeco repaired the turbine, oil pump, and one of the bearings. XelaTeco also installed 2 pulleys and a bushing. The system is at least 60 years old and has been defunct for about 6 weeks. They use the system to power their coffee processing equipment and other community/household electric needs. The project was timely because the community is just about to go into its full coffee harvesting swing. Last year, the hydro system failed and it cost the community $2000 a month in expensive electric fees from the national grid. That’s a huge amount for a rural community that has little income. Several other communities have expressed great interest in hydro refurbishing and new systems, so I’m crossing my fingers that XelaTeco wins those jobs.