Social Entrepreneur Corps Visits

Today we had our fourth Social Entrepreneur Corps group come and take a tour of AIDG and XelaTeco. Led by Carrie Magnuson and Arathi Ravichandran of Community Enterprise Solutions (CES), the groups are learning about entrepreneurship in the developing world for 1 month stays. Interestingly, around the same time CES launched this program, AIDG launched it’s TecoTour program. The students asked lots of questions about the technologies and how they operate.

They also volunteered their time for about 1/2 and hour to perform glamorous tasks such as pounding pumice and shredding newspaper for our eco-construction activities. The pumice and newspaper is being incorporated into panels, as we’re expanding the size of our Intern house (we need more space for more interns!). The pumice, newspaper, and cement are being poured into panels. These panels can be used to replace block. If our experiment works out, it may be a new product/service for XelaTeco in the near future. Thanks to the Social Entrepreneurs for helping us out!

(Anyone else curious if the SEC and CES are intentional palindromes…)