Welcome Corrina and a bit on stoves


Corrina, aka Pollito or Chicken, is an Australian mechanical engineer who quit her investment banking job and has fully dived into the intern ‘scene’. She’s working on the improved stoves, building anemometers in collaboration with the Engineers Without Borders windmill project, and helping Steve with a hydro-turbine casting project. Above, Corrina, is making lids for the three stoves on our patio so the cast iron doesn’t rust.

Intern Elena Krieger has passed on the stoves project to Corrina. Elena constructed 3 stoves at the Intern House, each with a different design. The first is a designed to be a pre-fabricated stove that requires minimal installation, and that could be manufactured by XelaTeco. The second is a stove with a modified combustion chamber, and the third is a stove that is currently a popular design that is implemented locally by other development groups. Elena finished the construction of the stoves, but due to the time (40 days) that the cement has to cure before they are usable, she wasn’t able to perform the needed efficiency tests. Upon finishing the ‘lids’, Corrina will start lighting fires and determining which stove uses the least wood and boils water the fastest.