This Week in AIDG Guatemala

Hello Folks;
Looks like a great week is ahead of us…Sadly Kristen just left, and Alia is taking off, and the two replacement Interns, Katie Bliss and Anne Romeo aren’t arriving till the end of the month.

Thursday: Buena Vista Social Club concert
Friday: dinner farewell for Alia

1) July’s food budget is closed and August’s money is in the envelope
2) Pay the electric bill (Corrina)
3) Thelma has cleaned–let’s keep it neat!
4) General organization: cables (Benny), workbench/tools (Alia ), refrigerator switch (Alissa), Trash (Benny+Corrina)
5) Chores: see chore board

Alia: Eco-Construction, paper-crete wall experiment, fill in bamboo wall plans, assist in planning walls, finish glass bottle wall

Alissa: SHW prototype construction, SHW installation at intern house, assist with eco-construction

Wind: 1) Make anemometers, (buy bike computers and any other necessary parts) 2) Ask Steve to contract XT to make controllers 3) Find communities and install them (see Benny) 4) Make assessment of tower installation material/design (bamboo vs steel) 5) Push EWB for a prototype (discuss with Kristen)
Stoves: 1) Build structure for current stoves on roof so they don’t get wet 2) perform efficiency tests (see elena)
3) determine next steps for a pre-fab unit (see elena)
Hydro: 1) research with Steve (see steve), 2) generally helping out Steve in his quest to save the world with hydroelectricity
Eco-Construction: assist with eco-construction

Ji: Eco-Construction; water wall.

Help with roof, survey, open bank account, write tufts article, write town crier article, tecotour materials/planning/marketing/etc, meet with USC, update intern page, organize house, barbed wire/razor wire, get SHW for house going, meet with Steve Lee, meet with GIS volunteer, go over community outreach plan, put in all arrival/departure dates in egroupware/wall schedule, email corrado regarding health insurance/community orgs, follow up on guarderia project, daily blog/twit, biz cards for interns, meet with waleska, buy a better filing system, fundraise to leads, close accounts with WHS TecoTour, July Accounting, print copies of liability form, go over steve document, figure out paper recycling.

Out at La Fey, on vacation starting Wednesday…