Congress Stepping up Support for Global Safe Drinking Water

Our colleague, John Sauer at Water Advocates, sent us over this press release which I’m posting in part.

U.S. Congress Works to Increase Support for Global Safe Drinking Water and Sanitation Crisis

Washington DC, July 23, 2007—Senate and House appropriators from both parties are recommending a significant increase in funding for safe drinking water to implement the Senator Paul Simon Water for the Poor Act. If the final bill passes as currently drafted by the U.S. Senate, $300 million would be appropriated to implement the Act for the coming year. Water Advocates commends the leadership of Senators Leahy, Durbin, McConnell, and Brownback and Representatives Obey, Lowey, Jackson Jr., Knollenberg, Payne, and Smith. “The U.S. government can have a tremendous positive impact on the global safe drinking water and sanitation problem. What we need now is for Americans to write their Representatives and Senators to ask them to pass the Senate version and fund the Water for the Poor Act for 2008,” said John Oldfield, director of partnership development at Water Advocates.


“Countries and communities without safe drinking water and sanitation are stuck back in the 1800s, a dangerous time when waterborne diseases unnecessarily killed our great-great grandparents,” continued John Oldfield. “We’ve guaranteed safe drinking water and sanitation for ourselves, and we’ve known for a long time how to solve these problems. We can and we should do more to stop this preventable death and disease.”

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