Guatemala (Photos)

I did a spread of photography of Cap Haitien and Haiti and Flickr the other day and thought I should do a similar one of Guatemala. Mustn’t play favorites. 🙂

Photo by Flickr User Felix or Xilef

Mara 18 in EL Hoyon Prison

Gang members of the Mara 18 help another with his wounds in the El Hoyon prison in Escuintla Guatemala Tuesday August 23, 2005. El Hoyon was the scene of a prison riot the week before in which members of a rival gang, the Mara Salvatrucha, killed 23 members of the Mara 18 using firearms, knives, and handgrenades.

Photo by Flickr User allison_tmpltn

Boy in Rocky Pool
Photo by Flickr User cromacom

Baby from Chichicastenango

Photo by Flickr User fiat luxe

Bottlecap House
Bottlecap House by Flickr User Sir Isaac Lime

Theme Park Ride Guatemala

Esta atraccion esta en el IRTRA, un parque de diversiones en Guatemala.

This was taken in a theme park in Guatemala.

Photo by Flickr User joannitam
Antigua Reflexion
Antigua Reflexion by Flickr User Freddy Murphy

Civil Defense Patrols, Guatemala 1982

Civil Defense Patrols, Guatemala 1982 by Flickr User Marcelo Montecino

Two men from Barrio La Revolucion

Community leaders from Barrio La Revolucion were informed by government officials that a second mass eviction would take place on December 27th, 2006. As a result, most women and children were evacuated from the community as a precautionary measure…

Photo by Flickr User Mimundo

Despondent Man

Canadian Mining Company Orders Eviction of Indigenous Communities. 2007-01.

Photo by Flickr User Mimundo


Volcanoes: New and Old
Volcanoes: New and Old by Flickr User jahloveforbin

Also check out this powerful Flickr set by user Uzon: Guatemala 1996-2000