Shell Oil Propaganda

This vid is sort of an absurd propaganda piece with family drama, a plucky young reporter, and a Shell oil worker who really wants to do right by the environment. While this smacks of bullshiitake (I got that one from Guy Kawasaki), what would an oil company have to do to get us to believe that it’s putting the environment on the front burner? Aside from getting out of oil business altogether, that is.

Oh, I have an idea. They could start by not strong arming local communities like they did to the farming village of Rossport, Ireland in early 2000. Check out the work of activist Willie Corduff, a winner of the 2007 Goldman Prize. He organized a grassroots campaign to stand up to Shell Oil and prevent the company from running a pipeline through his rural community. Listen to an interview with Corduff on Sierra Club Radio.

Here is what I wrote about the interview in a previous post:

What struck me most about this story was Goldman describing how he and fellow activists felt after learning how Nigerian activists who protested Shell’s actions in the 1990’s were treated. On November 10, 1995, Ken Saro Wiwa, a 1995 winner of the Goldman Environmental Prize, and 8 other colleagues were hanged by a military tribunal. “The only crime he and his colleagues had committed was to demand sound environmental practices and to ask for compensation for the devastation of Ogoni territories.”

Now if Shell made a video showing how they were working with the Ogoni people to rectify the environmental damage that they had done or how they were setting up a fund in memory of the activists who were executed, maybe I’d be less cynical.

Shell Oil in Nigeria (Human Rights Watch) from 1999

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