Google Earth Launches Nonprofit Outreach Program

Google is bringing the massive power of Google Earth to non-profits with its new Nonprofit Outreach Program.

As a non-profit or public benefit group, you can use Google Earth to capture the work you’re doing, the people you’re helping, the challenges you face and the change you’re helping to enable – all in the visual context of the environment in which these stories take place. By downloading your KML files, anyone, anywhere can fly in Google Earth from where they live to where you do your work. This virtual visit to the projects and people you support gets users engaged and passionate about what you’re doing and builds support for your cause.

The Outreach Site shows several examples of how NGOs have used Google Earth thus far. The Holocaust Museum’s efforts to document the atrocities in Darfur are very detailed and comprehensive.

Holocaust Museum uses Google Earth to document genocide in Darfur

Click here for tutorials.

We’re really psyched about this as several of the interns in Guatemala having but working on a Google Earth project to document the locations of resources that AIDG/XelaTeco use in and around Xela. We’ve shown what we have so far to other non-profits in the area and they seem rather excited about the prospects. More details on that one later.

Thanks Steve L. and Miriam F.