Weekly Intern Update (06/26/07)

from Nick Bianchi (Benny’s on vacation)

Here’s a snapshot of what the interns are doing this week in Xela:

Elena: Stove construction and training XT on stove making. Writing up stove production manual. Google mapping. Leaving Xela Friday!!

Nick: meet with ECAO regarding biodigestor site and future community surveys, AIDG accounting for June, develop XT GNUcash training and work schedule, draft articles for XT newsletter, scan important XT docs to foldershare, fix AIDG bikes.

Finalize and submit Cantaro Azul agreement??

Kristen: developing survey questions for wind turbine needs, calibrating anemometer, working with Jose on 3 phase controller, searching for small ACDC motor, starting Spanish School, continue to assist with biodigester installs (including XT demonstration).

Alia: Teco Tours logistics and planning! Setting up SolidWorks for work on Hydro, continue Spanish classes.

Alissa: Send out Solar Hot Water Heater design to Berkeley Group for approval and feedback. Get to work on pricing, developing budget and purchasing materials.

Blaze: ongoing roof construction work! Getting materials for walls, managing Fiona, and Carlos and their help in volunteering. Follow-up on past AIDG Community visits to determine project sites; work with others to develop community survey materials for various appropriate tech. products.

Carlos Poza: Roof Construction and materials procurement (possible surveys)

Fiona Wholey: Roof Construction and materials procurement