Interesting Goings On at Celsias

Celsias Exciting things are happening over at one of my favorite blogs, Celsias. They are relaunching their site this July and will be offering individuals, NGOs, companies, etc. opportunities to showcase their climate change projects online as well as solicit help from the masses.

Here are excerpts from their most recent press release:

Do you have a great idea for a climate change project?

Celsias ( is inviting individuals, not-for-profit organizations, companies and government departments to register their climate change projects online at Celsias. Celsias is compiling among the world’s first registers of projects that combat global warming. “Ordinary people all over the world are doing extraordinary things well away from the headlines,” says Nick Lewis, Celsias’ CEO. “We want to use the power of the Internet to multiply their effect many-fold by showing what a community of millions can do to address a global issue like climate change. It’s all about individuals each making a difference.”

Projects might include cleaning up a waterway, organizing an eco-conference on campus, providing low-emission stoves, writing a petition to stop the use of plastic grocery bags, bringing photovoltaic solar energy to villagers, or creating a website for young environmental professionals. “We are looking for projects that will inspire others to do the same in their communities, and the possibilities are endless. By registering your project on Celsias, you will soon be able to share your knowledge, learn from others, and avoid pitfalls,” explains Lewis.

Project leaders will also be able to raise the visibility of their projects, recruit volunteers, attract resources and solicit funding. “Think of Celsias as the ultimate climate change project planning resource,” says Lewis. “We urge people to register their climate change projects at today.”

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