We're 5 by 5, ya know: 5 reasons and 5 ways to support AIDG

Mother and Child
Photo by Deborah Coleman

While you’re thinking about which charities to support this holiday season, I would ask that you consider AIDG in your giving plans. Below are 5 reasons and 5 ways to support us and the work that we do.

5 reasons to support AIDG

  1. Environment. Nearly 2 billion people don’t have access to the basic modern services that we take for granted everyday – electricity, sanitation and clean water. The AIDG works to increase access to affordable, environmentally sound and locally repairable technologies that solve these needs for underserved communities and the rural poor.

  2. Sustainability. A key part of our strategy is the incubation of local businesses that produce, install and repair clean technologies at prices affordable within the local economy. These businesses ensure sustainble and long-term success of infrastructure improvements and are a source of economic development within the community.

  3. Improved Health and Poverty Alleviation. Development of basic services is essential to helping individuals escape the poverty trap. Most, if not all, of the technologies offered by our incubated businesses offer longterm cost savings, reduced environmental impact and/or improved health effects compared with currently used solutions.

  4. Small input, big reward. Through the purchase of a simple, low-cost technology such as biodigester, water purifier, or high efficiency stove, poor familes can experience dramatic improvements to their standard of living, health and self-sufficiency.

  5. Empowerment. We empower people with the physical tools and practical knowledge to solve infrastructure problems in their own communities.

But don’t take our word for it. Read what other people are saying about us:
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5 things you can do to support AIDG right now

  1. Sign up to be a Pledge Partner for $10 bucks a month. That’s only 33 cents a day and would make a HUGE difference for our organization. We’re very good at making a little go a long way.

  2. If you don’t want to make a recurring donation, consider a one-time gift for the holidays.
  3. Link to us or donate ad space on your site. We made some pretty cool banners this past weekend. Like this one:

    Help AIDG build a sustainable future in developing countries

  4. Tell your friends about us. Get them to subscribe to our newsletter or RSS feed on the blog. If you are a blogger, write a piece about us on your own blog. Word of mouth is crucial to getting more folks aware of the great work that we do.

    Spread the Word

  5. Buy gear on our Cafepress store. We’re got very cool stuff for you, your fam, your pals, your dog. Here is some of our kids stuff:
    AIDG Kids stuff on Cafe Press

On behalf of all the AIDG crew and the team at XelaTeco, let me just say thanks for making 2006 such a good year.

Oh and yeah: I did manage to put in a shameless plug for our org and quote Faith from Buffy the Vampire Slayer in one go. All in a days work 😉