Pete and Benny building GR's $350 DIY Solar Heater at Yestermorrow

Build a solar heater for $350

I just saw a link to this on Treehugger and it reminded me to mention that Pete and Benny will be teaching a course at Yestermorrow next week. They will be building Gary Reysa’s $350 DIY Solar Heater, a hydraulic ram pump and an appleseed biodiesel reactor as well as giving tip and tricks on axial flux windmill design. They will also be giving some hands on experience with micro-hydroelectric system components.

Date: Dec 3-8, 2006
Duration: 1 week
Location: Yestermorrow, Design and Build School, Warren, VT 05674
Speakers: Peter Haas, AIDG’s Executive Director and Benny Lee, AIDG’s Education and Outreach Director

Course Description:
Many people assume that renewable energy systems are out of their price range and technologically complex. That doesn’t have to be the case. This new week-long course will present several low cost, low tech options for introducing renewable energy systems and ecological design strategies into your home. Class lectures will cover a variety of systems, including hydroelectricity, wind power, biodigesters, solar hot water, water filtration units, high efficiency stoves, and small-scale foundries. In addition, students will gain hands-on experience with three renewable energy systems: using ram pumps to move water, building a basic greenhouse for add-on passive solar home heating, and creating a biodiesel reactor to produce energy from waste vegetable oil for home heating and vehicle use. The instructors will also discuss the application of these technologies in a developing country context.

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