Guatemala and Biodiesel

The high price of gasoline is making biofuels more and more attractive in the developing world. We’ve heard a lot in the news recently about the production of sugar-cane based ethanol in Brazil and Flex-fuel vehicles. Here is an effort spearheaded by our friends Matthew Rudolf, Erick Gonzalez, Sr. and Javier Jimenez in Guatemala to produce biodiesel on a large scale: Combustibles Ecológicas. Their approach is novel because it involves people working at all levels of production, from the chemists doing the basic research, to engineers constructing the facilities, to the farmers producing the crops.

Rainwater catchment, Biogas and the World Cup

For those of you watching the World Cup (I am eagerly awaiting the Germany-Italy game at 3pm), you will be interested in the efforts made by the host nation Germany to be as green as possible during the competition. These include the financing of environmental projects to the tune of $1.3 million in emerging nations to offset carbon emissions as well as use of solar power, green roofing, rainwater catchment and other green technologies at several of the new stadiums. Continue reading

The Comunidad Nueva Alianza Wins World Bank Rural Productivity Award

Here is an email that we received from our colleague in Guatemala, Matthew Rudolf. He was a principal on the biodiesel project at the Finca. It is in Spanish. My apologies. The gist of it is that the Comunidad Nueva Alianza won the World Bank Rural Productivity Award for 2006 (a 10,000 USD prize). The World Bank initiave began in 2002 alongside the Development Marketplace competitive grant program. Continue reading