Things I MUST see (an ongoing series)

So flights from New York to Iceland are cheap. Unfortunately that’s just about the only thing about Iceland that is cheap or I would have been there a long time ago. I’ve got to get a study gig there or something (I have a friend who studied in Iceland and lived the joys of free heat, free internet, free saunas, free healthcare and other socialized goodies) because Iceland is that rugged, cold, little geothermal utopia I have been dreaming about. Apparently Iceland has a stated goal of being carbon neutral and ultimately an energy exporter. They are converting municipal transportation to hydrogen. Fishing fleets are moving to biodiesel. But where do they get the vegetable oil? From extensive geothermal heated and powered greenhouses, of course. They grow every fresh fruit and vegetable you could imagine in Iceland in massive greenhouses. They even do some animal husbandry in greenhouses. I was told last week they have sheep in pasture greenhouses. Think of that geothermically powered arctic greenhouse sheep! That is the kind of stuff I just have to see.